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Looking for a general contractor in Louisville, KY? Do you need your project finished on time and under budget, Louisville General Contractors can do it all. Hiring the right general contractor is the key to both. 

At Louisville General Contractors, we offer both residential and commercial contractors for all your interior and exterior renovation projects. Whether you’re looking for the latest on your next bathroom renovation in Louisville or need the best contractors for an overdue kitchen remodel, flooring projects, carpentry and drywall replacement or finish, we can do it all. Our exterior experts at Louisville general contractors are the best in painting, roofing, siding, guttery, masonry, fences, concrete and deck projects. 

Our Louisville general contractors can tackle both big and small projects. Our residential contractors have the expert knowledge in interior renovations as well as exterior renovations. General contractors of Louisville work on industrial construction projects that include warehouses, factories and other specialized facilities. Our concrete construction team of Louisville general contractors know concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the industry and our guys are the most sought after workers in the business.

Hire Our General Contractor For Your Bathroom Renovation

At Louisville general contractors, your budget and timeline are a top priority for us. Whether you’re remodeling a large primary bathroom suite or a small powder room, it pays to have our professional contractors at the helm. Do you want to take out that old laminate flooring and put in tile? Our bathroom remodeling professionals of Louisville are up to date on the latest energy and water efficient fixtures to date. We will refresh your cabinets with the latest hardware and replace your old dingy faucet with new energy and water efficient fixtures that’ll make your bathroom renovation the envy of all Louisville. Do you need a sleek new looking walk-in shower in Louisville? Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Louisville, KY can give your bathroom the head to toe makeover it needs and the right price. Let us revamp your dark powder room into a functional and spacious room with modern lighting.

Our General Contractors Specialize In Residential Hardscapes

There’s nothing like a beautifully designed hardscape to complete your home’s landscaping and features. Whether it’s a flagstone patio or stone retaining wall, let our experts with paving in Louisville take on the project to fit your style and budget. Our designers can incorporate a hardscape design into patios, pavers for walkways, retaining walls, dry creek beds,  grill surroundings, custom built features for your outdoor living spaces, pergolas, water features, outdoor kitchen hardscapes and our most popular fireplaces and fire pits.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. Have you outgrown your kitchen and need something bigger and more efficient for your growing family? Louisville general contractors know how a coat of paint or a new fresh color to the cabinets can change your kitchen remodel instantly. Our contractors can revamp your kitchen backsplash to that pattern you’ve been looking for. 

 We can overhaul your old kitchen to a beautiful polished farmhouse kitchen with those crisp white cabinets and ceramic subway tile you’ve always wanted. Are you after a coastal kitchen? Our professional kitchen remodeling contractors of Louisville will revamp your kitchen with the newest walnut countertops and coastal marine blue cabinets.

 Our contractors of Louisville are the best around in modern kitchen remodels. We know how important kitchen space is. Let us open up that small, cramped space, knock down some walls, raise your ceiling, and add some rustic pine beams to make your kitchen the envy of the neighbors.

Need A General Contractor For Your Commercial Construction Project?

Commercial Remodeling

insulation contractors louisville ky

Interior remodeling and exterior remodeling are the two most common types of remodeling we specialize in at Louisville general contractors. Kitchen remodeling in Louisville, roof repair, re-roofing your office building and office bathroom remodeling/bathroom renovations are at the top of most commercial businesses lists and we specialize in them all. Here at Louisville general contractors, we are with you from start to end. Our general contractors will oversee the construction companies in Louisville’s design and planning, see you through the contractor bidding process, oversee concrete companies demolition, construction contractor selection, clean up and project closure.

Commercial Interior Renovation

bathroom design louisville ky

Interior renovations can be overwhelming and very time consuming. Why try to take it on yourself! Our professional general contractors of Louisville will take on your projects for you and give you back your time. Our team of contractors in Louisville are well trained on refreshing your old space with new finishes, new fixtures and adding a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re out to maximize your space or maybe you want that new bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, Louisville general contractors are your professionals. 

Our flooring and carpentry experts are also versed in millwork, replacing and refurbishing windows and doors, demolition, drywall and our helping you pick out the perfect new paint color to overhaul the inside of your home. Whether you need the top of the line electrician in Louisville, concrete contractor, construction company or best paving contractors in Louisville for even your interior projects, we will take care of you.

Commercial Exterior Renovation

Siding Contractor

Looking to give your home exterior an overhaul? Let us at general contractors of Louisville install your new fiber cement siding, add accent sections, update your roof or replace your shutters. Let our contractors take on your outdoor projects. Do you need a new fence, a new deck? Our  fence contractors of Louisville can customize your new tiles with your deck builder to go with your newly remodeled outdoor kitchen. Our custom lighting contractors will help illuminate the exterior of your home, making it visible at night and the most safe in Louisville. 

Whether you’re trying to bring new life to an older home or you’re just starting to build a new home, Louisville general contractors can do it all. From contemporary exterior color schemes, redesign the landscaping, creating a more welcoming entryway, inviting fresh, modern accents or adding decorative touches, Louisville general contractors can do it.

Commercial Interior Construction

associated general contractors of kentucky

Do you want a simple bathroom remodel or a total bathroom renovation in Louisville? From a simple new counter and sink to a complete bath remodel, our experts can do it all. No bathroom renovation is too small to be improved. From shower caps to a new tub, our contractors of Louisville will get it done under budget and on time.

Commercial General Contractors - Louisville, KY

Here at Louisville general contractor, our commercial contractor projects vary in size and can cover everything from medical centers, retail outlets and sports complexes. We are also the premier contractors in Louisville for restaurant remodel, hotels, apartments, colleges and universities. 

Small scale projects such as building repairs, office space revamp are only a few of the projects we handle. Our medium scale construction projects include building restructures and property expansions. A large scale commercial construction project with our Louisville contractors would mean starting from scratch. One of our professional architects or Louisville developers would create a plan from start to finish and our construction crew will see it through. At Louisville general contractors, we put a lot of personal time, preparation and material into making sure your vision comes to life.

Benefits of Commercial Remodeling 

Here at Louisville general contractors, we make sure the benefits outweigh the costs. We can help you focus on modernized updates for your new bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel by using better energy efficient and top of the line appliances, fixtures and lighting from those who know best in Louisville. Why are these updates so important? No one wants to be stuck in the 80’s and our team of general contractors in Louisville understand why replacing outdated flooring, incorporating modern lights and fixtures and new flooring are so important. With our Louisville electricians working alongside the local construction companies to improve these items and their efficiency, we can help make the space more safe for everyone.  outdated flooring, incorporating modern lights and fixtures and new flooring are so important. With our Louisville electricians working alongside the local construction companies to improve these items and their efficiency, we can help make the space more safe for everyone.

Industrial Construction

Believe it or not, our contractors in Louisville are some of the best in industrial construction. We deal with factories, power plants, warehouses and other highly specialized facilities. Our contractors will design, install and maintain the mechanical and structural elements of the facilities. Contractors of Louisville build our facilities, from the start to maintain compliance with the industry, federal and state building codes, regulations and permits. From site planning, infrastructure, project management and project completion, Louisville general contractors will do it all.

Concrete Construction

Having a quality concrete driveway is essential to any home or business and a great way to make a great first impression to your guests and neighbors. Our concrete contractors of Louisville can enhance your home’s curb appeal by using large concrete tiles, adding texture, broom finishes and color schemes. We can redo your old outdoor patio to make a wonderful addition to any home in Louisville. The professionals and general contractors will help you design and build what suits your family’s needs. Retaining walls, decorative concrete and exterior design are our expertise.

Concrete Contractor

When it comes to concrete work, Louisville concrete contractors can make a tough project seem simple. Whether you need new concrete poured or old concrete repaired, let our concrete contractors of Louisville tackle it for you while staying under budget and on time. Our team will give you options from a plain gray surface, to beautiful decorative concrete finishes with pattern and texture. We can customize and create stamped-finished concrete, pool decks, concrete patios, concrete counters for that dream outdoor kitchen remodel, concrete floors, stained concrete and our most popular colored concrete. 

Our commercial concrete contractors of Louisville are the most sought after experts in shotcrete which we will customize for mines, automobile tunnels and subways. Our fire-resistant shotcrete is used to reinforce both temporary and permanent excavations. 

If you’re having a new home built and need a concrete contractor to pour your foundation? Louisville contractors have the finest concrete contractors in all Louisville KY. 

Does your driveway or walkway look old and starting to chip? Concrete flatwork is our speciality at general contractors of Louisville. Our concrete contractor services all of Louisville to revamp and pour driveways, sidewalks, curbing, parking lots, dumpster pads and much more.


Are you looking for privacy in your backyard? At Louisville general contractors, our fence contractors are the experts. If you’re looking for something modern and need an expert fence company in Louisville to tackle the project, we can customize wood fences, picket fences, wrought iron, metal, our budget-friendly split rail fencing for your livestock with minimal maintenance, vinyl fencing, chain link, and our most popular composite privacy fencing. Our fence contractors in Louisville can bring that elegant look you’ve been wanting with a modern black horizontal slats fence. You can never go wrong with black steel and white concrete combo. Fence contractors of Louisville are the right choice for you.

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

A custom built arbor is the first step in transforming your backyard to entertain. With the right contractors in Louisville, we will help provide the necessary retreat from the hot summer sun as well as creating a nice cozy area to hang out with friends in the evening. The best Louisville electricians will strategically place lighting, ceiling fans, heaters for the cool nights and misters for the warm nights to allow your family to enjoy the space year round.

Garage Builder

We are the leading garage builders in Louisville. A new garage will increase your property value and curb appeal to your home. Our garage builders build both gable roofing, which is the most common roof in the country and we also build gambrel roofs which remain the most efficient roof styles by providing a fully functional loft that most homeowners love. 

Do you have an unfinished garage and need an expert to take on the project? Garage builders in Louisville are your top choice to come in under budget and on time. Let our professionals design and build your unattached garage to give you the extra space you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re looking for a pole barn garage, Metal building or custom stick built garage in Louisville, let our team of experts at Louisville contractors build it for you.


Are you ready to give your backyard patio the upgrade it needs? At Louisville general contractors, our paving experts specialize in flat surfaces, smooth surfaces and even surfaces to design your new outdoor living area. Rough cobblestones, concrete, flagstone, cut stone or veneer stone are our specialty. We will design grid patterns, contemporary, zen design, two-tones, add contrast,  blue stone and modern paving to make your paving project your own. 

Popular pavers such as concrete, stone, travertine, rubber, brick and concrete sliders are the best out there and our paving contractors of Louisville will work with you to make your dream a reality.

General Contractor Services


general contractors in louisville ky

At Louisville general contractors, our expert plumbers install and repair water, gas pipes and other piping systems in homes, business and factories. Do you need new fixtures for your bathtub, a new toilet, new appliances and get your old water heater replaced? We will clean drains, repair or replace broken pipes and remove obstructions.

Looking to add more charm to your local restaurant and need a commercial general contractor in Louisville who knows how to do it on time and under budget? Our commercial construction company can take your curb appeal to the next level with our paving , concrete and top of the line fence contractors in Louisville. 


Our electricians in Louisville specialize in residential and commercial. Do you need someone to install, repair your current electrical system? General contractors of Louisville can redesign or remodel your newly remodeled bathroom or give you that updated kitchen renovation that will repair all your light fixtures, wiring, power outlets and circuit boards your home needs.  

Are you a business owner looking for the right commercial electrician in Louisville to be responsible for designing, installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems in commercial buildings? Some of these buildings include restaurants, offices, medical facilities, hotels, retail stores and warehouses in Louisville.


renovation contractors near me

Nothing says updates like new flooring. Our contractors of Louisville know just how much simple flooring colors can have on your newly renovated bathroom or renovated kitchen. Whether you’re refurbishing 80, 90 or even 100 year old wood floors or completely taking all the old out or even going with something totally different and new like stone or concrete, we have the experts for it all. When making the hard decision between all the new flooring designs, patterns and colors, we have your best interest in mind. 

We make sure you’re getting comfort! Flooring materials that will offer a softness underfoot such as cork and vinyl are much more comfortable than concrete and stone especially in rooms where you do a lot of standing. Comfort is critical and our contractors of Louisville know it.


wetbar with sink

Looking to renovate your old deck? Let our team of designers personalize the new deck of your dreams with a simple and fun experience. Whether you are looking for a backyard retreat for entertaining or more outdoor space, our deck builders of Louisville have all you need to plan, install and finish the deck of your dreams. Louisville deck contractors use top of the line treated wood, exotic woods such as ironwood,  modern lighting and have the richest selection of color and design on the market. We install vinyl, plastic and aluminum which all resist insect and weather damage. 

Do you have an above ground pool? Our deck builders at Louisville general contractor will customize your wood, PVC or aluminum deck to withstand any conditions. Our perimeter safety fencing will be well worth it for you and your family.


At Louisville general contractors, we have contractors who specialize in roof installation. Tearing off the old roof is a hard job in itself. Is your roof outdated, covered in mold and leaking? Don’t expose yourself to the elements and time it will take. Our contractors of Louisville are well trained and experienced installing copper roofing for those lake and ocean homes, slate, metal, clay, tile and traditional shingle. 

Here in Louisville, our contractors work with the best electricians to install solar panels on your roof. Roofs longevity vary depending on what type of roof you have. Generally, a roof made from asphalt shingles will last about 20 years. Meanwhile, a metal roof tends to last longer, ranging from 50-80 years in Louisville when well maintained. Is your roof reaching the end of its lifetime? Let us at Louisville general contractors build your roof to last through the ages.

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